Policies & Forms

Steward Health Choice MA Covered Services Chart

This chart tells you two things:
1. The covered services and benefits for your MassHealth plan type (Standard/CommonHealth, Family Assistance and CarePlus) as a Member enrolled in Steward Health Choice; and
2. If you need a referral (approval from your PCP) or prior authorization (PA) (permission from MassHealth) to receive a covered service or benefit.

How to use this chart.
1. Find a covered service in the left column of the chart.
2. Follow the row across to find if the service is covered for your plan type.
3. If the service is covered, look at the two right columns to see if you will need a referral or PA.

Provider Directory

Find a list of providers by city in a downloadable PDF format.

Member Grievances

It is the policy of Steward Medicaid Care Network (SMCN), and its parent organization, Steward Health Care Network (SHCN), to implement an effective system to address concerns related to members’ care and experience. To read the complete policy, download the PDF provided.